17. living in a city that is swallowing my hopes. underestimated. this is some sort of diary where i let my thoughts travel. enjoy the ride ✈ ✌
  • i should stop obsessing with famous pll and concentrate more on my personal life since it’s going nowhere but downhill.I’m graduating next year and i am absolutely clueless of what to do after that.I want to take a gap year but that’s literally all i know?? my love life is non existing.and the sad part is I’m not even kidding. there is no boy that goes ” wow.i want to meet her” and there never was. people i thought i’d spent the rest of my life with are slowly distancing themselves from me and they make it seem like it’s all my fault??? change and future scare me so much and i overthink too much. i feel like crying.i don’t want my life to be like this..

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  • I’m bullshitting my essays since 5 hours .yaaay. great way to end the weekend.

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